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“Anita is a very gifted at really listening to who I am and what I desire in my brand and website. She immediately came back with the perfect set of colors and logos and understood my “WHY” on a deep level. She is fabulous and I’m so thankful for her work!” 

Tracy Principi – Intuitive Business Coach

Anita was a total pleasure to work with, and was very helpful and thorough. She was able to take everything we talked about and quickly and easily turn it into a professional beautifully designed logo that I treasure and am so happy with 🦋 Whole heartedly recommend Ymani Tilly Design to anyone 😊 Amazing service !

Lana – Performance Healer

Love  her services. She is one of a kind; she has helped me push through limiting beliefs and find positive perspectives that have me successful. Highly Recommended!

Lucy Bates

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